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With the participation of 22 experts from allied institutions (Colciencias, Humboldt, Codechoco, Universities of Antioquia, Nacional, Technological of Chocó, Technological of Pereira, del Valle) and 10 researchers from the IIAP; Began today, one of the largest biodiversity exploration campaigns in the history of Colombia ... Bio Expedition, who on this occasion will reach the Serranía del Darién and during 10 days will characterize the biological diversity of Cerro Tacarcuna . The objective of these expeditions, which will total 20 field trips during two years, is to increase the knowledge of the country's biodiversity to preserve it and to establish alternatives for sustainable use.

Prensa IIAP

This important exercise has the participation of 800 local, national and international researchers who will seek to expand the inventory of the country's fauna, flora and microorganisms, both in terrestrial and marine environments.

"We will work with indicator groups such as birds, reptiles, amphibians, insects, fish, flying and non-flying mammals. As far as plants are concerned, ferns, mosses, palms, orchids, Cyclantaceas, Luraceas and Dicotoledones in general will be worked on. "This was announced by the Deputy Director of Research of the IIAP, Giovanny Ram?rez Moreno.

The goal is to describe at least 5,000 species, strengthen 20 existing biological collections in the country and increase the genetic library, documenting at least 40,000 sequences for different taxonomic groups in the country.