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This species is threatened within the vulnerable category, in the red book of aquaculture fresh fish of Colombia. The IIAP for 2016 proposed a recategorization of the species in the category of Danger.

Prensa IIAP

In 2014, the IIAP set itself the task of launching a strategy called Busca, with the purpose of registering, studying and conserving some of the native species that have diminished their population, almost disappearing, involving in this way Active communities. Initially, the species of Manat?, Nutr?a and Boquiancha, the latter of great abundance in the muddy and affluent systems of the Atrato River, were prioritized, becoming among the 10 most commercially important for the region.

In a satisfactory way, thanks to the coordinated work with the communities in charge of raising base information and monitoring the presence of missing species in their territories, the Campaign "Se Busca" allows us to show again, records of La Boquiancha. The information provided by Milton Vel?zquez to the IIAP, allows to attend the call of Mr. Jorge Andrade Casama president of the indigenous organization CAMIZBA, who reported on the capture of anchovy on the river Salaqu?.

The captured individuals recorded sizes between 24 and 33 cm of total length. It is worth noting that in the course of the year, more than 150 have been captured in the River Salaqu?, which are used for self-consumption by the community. The Research Institute will be attentive to join the implementation of conservation strategies of the anchovy, in sources such as the river Salaqui, with the aim that this species can be reproduced and if maintained in time.