Nature And Applicable Legal Arrangements

Under Law 99 of 1993, the Institute of Environmental Investigations of the Pacific "John Von Neumann" is created, which is organized as a Civil Corporation without profit, of public character but subject to the rules of private, organized law In the terms established by Law 29 of 1990 and Decree 393 of 1991, linked to the Ministry of Environment, housing and Territorial Development with administrative autonomy, legal personality and own property.


The Institute of Environmental Investigations of the Pacific "John Von Neumann" - IIAP, has as mission to develop research directed to the production of information and knowledge of Chocó Biogeográfico, that at the same time that it bases the decision-making and the national, regional and local public policies In environmental matters and sustainable development; Promote the collective progress of the inhabitants of the region and consolidate the cultural identity of its black and indigenous peoples.


To become a recognized institution at local, regional, national and international level for 2020, for the quality and relevance of the research we carry out, for the ability to accompany and support the management of social organizations in the region, both black and indigenous, Of territorial entities and autonomous corporations of sustainable development.

General Objective

Strengthen its institutional capacity at the regional level, through participatory processes, for the generation, use, transmission and socialization of knowledge aimed at the conservation and strengthening of the natural and cultural systems of the region, and the improvement of material and Of the population of the Colombian Pacific.

Specific Objectives

  • Develop and implement a type of research of the Colombian Pacific region, oriented to the welfare of the population and based on the integral nature, social and cultural aspects.
  • Develop and implement the instruments and mechanisms that will enable the IIAP to position itself as the driving force for environmental research capacity in the region.
  • Develop and implement a process of systematization, dissemination and socialization of information relevant to decision making about the environment in the region and the processes that affect it.
  • Define a framework of national and international relations that will allow the strengthening of the type of research carried out by the IIAP and actively participate in the decision-making related to its vision, mission and objectives.
  • Define and implement the mechanisms and procedures that ensure community participation in decision making, respecting the cultural and social contexts of the different actors of the IIAP, as well as the relationships between them.
  • To create conditions, strategies and mechanisms to guarantee the long-term financial sustainability of the Institute.